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The pleasant and precious

tastes of Japanese fruit.


The pleasant and precious tastes of Japanese fruit.

グローウェルジャパン株式会社 事業内容について

Our Business

About Our Business


We ensure impeccable service to deliver our products to customers fresh from the farm.


Export of Japanese-grown agricultural products and processed food 

  • High-quality Japanese-grown fruits & vegetables.

  • Food products made from Japanese-grown produce.

  • Japanese seasonings and sweets.


Import of premium overseas fruit

The fruits and vegetables that we import and export are high in quality and value. We offer our customers in Japan premium fruits that are carefully selected by our overseas partners.


Distributive processing

We always start by checking the quality of the items we receive to ensure reliability for our business partners both at home and abroad. We then transform them into “wing products” that meet our partner’s needs through repackaging or gift-packaging.


Development & planning of original products

  • Our Japanese-grown premium strawberry brand “Hinata Ichigo.”

  • Our Japanese-grown premium peach brand “Yamato Momo.”

  • The highest class of Malaysian durian “Musang King,” and more.


Agricultural Experience for Overseas Children

We partner with elementary schools overseas to provide children with agricultural experiences. We propose an educational program to enhance human potential through agriculture. On the other hand, experiencing the safety and quality of Japanese agricultural products is the ultimate promotion for the future.


Product promotion services

We plan and provide efficient and effective services like product promotion and test marketing for local governments and producer groups. 


Delivering the delicious tastes of Japan to the world.

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