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When I came to Japan, I had no idea that I would start a business in this country. However, with the opportunities given to me by all the people I have met here, I am deeply grateful that I have been able to run Grow Well Japan while utilizing  my international background. I’m certain that I was destined to start this business, and am always working to the best of my abilities to ensure its success.

All the products in our community are valuable.
We put our heart and soul into making our products, ensuring they retain their value, and we aspire to have productive long-term working relationships with all our business partners. 
We propose a business model in which producers, suppliers, consumers, and all other people involved share in happiness and gratitude. Our mission is to send this vision to our children’s future.

Grow Well Japan Co., Ltd.
CEO Hitsu Kin

グローウェルジャパン株式会社 代表取締役の写真

The pleasant and precious tastes of Japanese fruit

グローウェルジャパン株式会社 会社情報について

About Us




Company Name



Suite 401, Level 4, NPO Building 
1-4-12 Uchihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
Osaka 540-0026, Japan


Hitsu Kin


JPY 9 million

Our Business

Export, import, as well as distributive processing of agricultural products and processed food.
Organizing events and planning/managing businesses related to the above.

​Contact Info.

TEL : +81-6-6360-4813

FAX : +81-6-6360-4818

Company Profile

グローウェルジャパン株式会社 事業内容について

We are devoted to making our products globally recognized.


May 2017

Establishment of the company

Dec 2020

Started shipping “Hinata-Ichigo”, our own brand of premium domestically produced strawberries

Feb 2022

Obtained Import and Export Alcohol Beverage Wholesalers License

Jul 2022

Started importing “Malaysian Musang King”, the highest class of Malaysian durians

Feb 2023

Our distribution processing warehouse is due to be completed (Osaka)


​We will continue to spread our vision for the future.

Our History

Overseas Network


We are a team of professionals with a top market share in fruit and vegetable trading in numerous countries.

China / Hong Kong / Thailand / Cambodia / Vietnam / Philippines / Malaysia / Singapore / Indonesia

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